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The Equatorial Magnetometer Network

Welcome to the Equatorial Magnetometer Network Data Archives.

The Equatorial Magnetometer Network is a unique magnetometer network which was established in order to examine the anomalous phenomena at the dip equator, for example Equatorial Electrojet, DP 2, equatorial enhancement of micropulsations, etc. Observatories are distributed around the equator and have reached 44 places among the whole time periods. Eventually, about 20 observatories were in operation simultaneously in autumn, 1993 and autumn, 1994.

The Equatorial Magnetometer Network has been conducted since 1985 by the principal investigator, Prof. T.-I. Kitamura, Kyushu University. Prof. T-.I. Kitamura retired in 1995. From 1996, Prof. K. Yumoto has occupied the position in Kyushu University and has taken over the PI.

If you want to use the equatorial magnetometer network data, please follow the same rules as for CPMN.

If you have any question on the distributed data, please contact H. Kawano ( or S. Abe(

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