Data Request

Notice for data request

First of all, we define some words as follows:
First Party...Space Environment Research Center, Kyushu University, Japan.
Second Party...Host institutes of FM-CW radar system.
Third Party...Others.

Second Party has the right to get radar data of his/her management stations.
In addition, Second Party has the right to get radar data
of all FM-CW radar stations for collaboration work.

When Third Party members want to use radar data
for collaboration work with FM-CW radar team,
he/she need to register his/her informations in the following form.
However, for example when he/she has overlapping themes of study
between FM-CW radar team, there is a possibility that PI of FM-CW radar
will arrange his/her offers.

If Third Party members accept the above statement,
put the informations, accept the agreement, and send them to
Prof. Kiyohumi Yumoto[yumoto(atmark)],
Dr. Manabu Shinohara[shino(atmark)].
and Mr. Akihiro Ikeda[a-ikeda(atmark)].
(note: Please replace (atmark) with "@ " for the right address)

Request Form

Your Name: ____________________________________________________________
Your Institute: ____________________________________________________________
Your E-mail: ____________________________________________________________
Purpose of Request Data: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Request Data:
station name abbrev.(3 characters), and period(yyyymmdd).
PTK, 20051201-20051231

Agreement for using data

Scientists who want to engage in collaboration with SERCS
and use should contact the project leader of FM-CW radar
observations, Prof. Dr. K. Yumoto, Kyushu Univ., who will
organize the collaborations.

You need to accept a possibility that PI of FM-CW radar will arrange
your offers when you have overlapping themes of study
between MAGDAS team.

When you use FM-CW radar data and publish papers,
you must agree to the following points;

1.	When your paper is published, you must contact the PI
	(Prof. K. Yumoto: and discuss authorship.

2.	In all other cases, you must acknowledge the source of the data. 

3.	In general, you must use the following reference: 

	Yumoto K. and the MAGDAS Group, MAGDAS project and its application
	for space weather, Solar Influence on the Heliosphere and Earth's
	Environment: Recent Progress and Prospects, Edited by N. Gopalswamy
	and A. Bhattacharyya, ISBN-81-87099-40-2, pp. 309-405, 2006

4.	In all circumstances, if anything is published you must send
	a hardcopy to the following address:

	Prof. Dr. Kiyohumi Yumoto
	PI of FM-CW radar Project
	Director of Space Environment Research Center,
	Kyushu University 53
	6-10-1 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku Fukuoka 812-8581, JAPAN
	TEL/FAX:+81-92-642-4403, e-mail: 

After check your request, we will send you email.
Please wait for a few days.