How to Access to the 210 project's data base

Dear Co-Investigators of the 210 MM magnetic observation team:

Thank you very much for your continuous effort on the 210 MM
magnetic observations. The 210 MM magnetometer data is now
amounted to more than 6 years from 1990. A useful database is
being made at the Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya
University. The 1-min digital data are opened to the STEP
community through an anonymous ftp site at the STE Lab.

In order to encourage scientific discussions with the other
ground-based and satellite groups, we would like to open the
data through the following procedure.

1. The 1-min digital data during the STEP period (1990-1997)
are provided to the ISTP key paramater database at NASA, and
distributed to the ISTP community as a key parameter.
By doing this, all the ISTP key parameter database (including
data from GEOTAIL, WIND, IMP-8, POLAR, CANOPUS, and so on)
become available to the 210 MM magnetic observation team.
The basic concept of the ISTP key parameter is that the
key parameters are uncalibrated, only for the quick-look
of the data. Thus, the key parameter data should not use
any presentation or publication without the permission of
the principal investigator of the data.

2. The 1-min summary plot of the 210 MM data are opened through
the WWW page developed at the Solar-Terrestrial Environment
Laboratory, Nagoya University. To see the summary plots,
users connect to,
click 'STEP Database Cataloge' and then, '210 Magnetic Data
(Magnetic home page)'.
3. The 1-sec summary plots (a kind of rapid-run magnetogram)
at the Moshiri (MSR) station are opened to the WWW page
at the same place to 2.

We noted all the users of the above database to contact
K. Yumoto before using the 210 MM data at any publication
or presentations.

K. Yumoto moved to Kyushu University, where K.Y. occuppied a
full professor position. The new address of K. Yumoto is
as follows.
Prof. Dr. Kiyohumi Yumoto
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Kyushu University 33
6-10-1, Hakozaki, Fukuoka 812-81, Japan.
Tel: 81-92-642-2673 Fax: 81-92-642-2685
K. Yumoto will continue the 210 MM magnetic observations at Kyushu
University at least until 2001. K. Shiokawa will continue managing
the 210 MM database at the STE Lab. at least until 1997.

The list of the 210 MM magnetic observation team is attached in this mail.
If you have any suggestions or comments on the list and above items,
could you please let us know?

Thanks again for your kind cooperation.

Sincerely yours,
Kiyohumi Yumoto and Kazuo Shiokawa

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